Thalwil Campus (Zürich Canton)

IBAS Thalwil campus is located at Gewerbestrasse 14 in Thalwil, occupying 2 floors of the Pfiffner Building.

The campus has 3 lounges where students can study and work on their projects, or have group discussion while relaxing. There are two lecture rooms for classes running simultaneously, one has projector for presentations so students can easily follow along with the online class so cameras are setup. The other lecture room when vacant can be used by the students to study or group sessions. Teachers can use it too when they are conducting tests or group activities.

Near the two lecture rooms is the Administration office that is ready to welcome the students and to assist students with any school issues or merely consulting about living in Switzerland.

The campus is a business based campus, mainly for Business students, it has access to several training rooms as well as student lounge. Students can stay in the lounges to do group work and study work.

Students can enjoy 10 mins. walking down or up the road to and from the campus from the Thalwil Zentrum being with nature and experience to pass by people showing the Swiss living or just go buy food and other necessities in Migros or Denner while waiting for the bus that comes every 30 mins.

The place is the perfect experience to be in a working environment while enjoying the view of nature and Alps from afar.

Student Residences in Thalwil, Zürich

IBAS assists students in locating and renting rooms in student dorm facilities.