We commit in our vision & mission statements to provide high quality international education at affordable prices. We achieve that through our reasonable tuition fee compared to other schools in Switzerland.

But there are students who cannot even afford these reasonable fees and that’s why we have our “MGW scholarships program”. MGW Group offers learners from all over the world the opportunity to have scholarships. Our scholarships can take many forms such as grant, discount, financial aid, etc.

The most common scholarship is a grant on tuition fees. The amount of grant can be up to 50% (on tuition fee) based on the applicant’s academic results, experience and character.

We provide scholarships to students who are serious, highly committed, with a positive attitude and with clear goals in life, in addition to excellent academic record and/or working experience.


As part of our belief, we are committed to providing all students with equal opportunity to join our programs. Our scholarship programs are designed to attract distinguished students from all over the world to join us.

Our scholarship programs could take one of many forms such as:

  • Partial scholarship: as a percentage of discount off the tuition fee.
  • Paying in instalments: students can pay their fees by monthly instalments.
  • Internship programs: students will get work opportunity through our internship programs

The student can have one of these options or a combination of them.

That will be determined based on the student’s skills, academic results and interview outcome.