IBAS Bachelor programs are divided into specializations.
Year one, two and three of the programs are joined for all BBA Majors. Each year of study has 6 months of courses and 4 to 6 months of internship (conditions apply).

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a four years program. During the first three years students will study selected courses which will provide the foundation knowledge for all the available majors.

After they finish their third year, students must choose one of our 6 majors to continue their Bachelor Degree program.

Please note:

  • ATHE Diplomas are only included for students paying tuition fee in full and studying onsite in Switzerland.
  • Scholarship, online, dual award or students studying in learning centers out of Switzerland can opt to have the ATHE Diplomas at extra cost.
  • German classes will be included. The classes will be a mix of teacher based and mandatory self study.
  • Only students that pass the German test can expect to have Internship. Tests are in-house by IBAS staff.
  • Students specializing in Hospitality Management will be studying two extra modules each year for the first three years