Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurs

You are starting your own business but you feel that you have encountered many obstacles. No worries – you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs face the same challenges:

  • How to set your business plan, financial statements, etc.
  • How to find investors
  • How to recruit, train and lead your team

Our MBA for Entrepreneurs was developed to give you practical tools, concepts & methods needed to become an Entrepreneur.

Sample MBA Entrepreneur Diploma Certificate

What Makes this MBA Different?

  • You will learn how to build a business plan, how to manage your business and how to grow it.

  • All the courses are matching the sole target, to prepare YOU as a business person and an entrepreneur.

  • We will guide you through the significant parts of your business such as finance, strategy and leadership.

  • You & your business will be the main focus. 

  • You will learn by practice. Step-by-step.

  • You will meet investors and learn how to attract different types of investments and loans.

  • You will set your business plan and take care of all the details.

  • We will guide you, support you and advise you to see your business transformed from a simple idea into an integrated modern business.

12-24 Months
Study Mode
Onsite & Full-time

Zurich, Switzerland
Instruction in


Entry Requirements
Bachelor Degree
(or Equivalent)
& IELTS 6.0
(or Equivalent)

Graduation Requirements
Successfully Pass
All Courses
Final Thesis

MBA – Entrepreneurs – Courses

Students will study 8 specialised courses within a period of 8 months plus another 2 to 4 months to finish a business case project. Each one of the courses will give the students a more in-depth look into different managerial areas.

The design of the MBA for Entrepreneurs program is based on projects and experiences.  

Note:  Upon completion, students will earn an IBAS Master of Business Administration – Entrepreneurs  and in addition an ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management for an additional fee. 


Strategic Planning
Focus on how entrepreneurs can build their own strategic business plan.

Managing Continuous Organizational Improvement
Learn how to continuously improve each area of your organization.

Organizational Behavior
Organizational management as founder, entrepreneur and company building.

Finance for Strategic Managers
Including crowdfunding, investor strategy, loan and investor planning.

Corporate Communication Strategies
Learn how to communicate with investors, staff, and customers. To have a clear long-term branding and PR strategy.

Developing Organizational Vision and Strategic Direction
Start your business with the right vision, mission, goals, and perspectives.
Learn how to evaluate options to design the best strategy.

Research for Strategic Development
Planning for business as an entrepreneur, Investor handling and negotiation.

Personal Development for Leadership & Strategic Management
Learn how to be a business developer and entrepreneur. Tools and methods of growth.

Final Thesis


MBA – Entrepreneurs

Based on
ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma

Sample Schedule in Switzerland

Day Activity
Monday Organizational Behavior (8 hours class)
Tuesday Personal Development for Leadership & Strategic Management (8 hours class)
Wednesday Industry Visit (Full Day)
Thursday Research for Strategic Development (8 hours class)
Friday Finance for Strategic Management (8 hours class)