Phase 1

Contact MGW/IBAS staff or study abroad counseling centers for specific program advice.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, you may apply directly through the link provided by MGW/IBAS staff or register through the study abroad counseling center (there are limited scholarships for each country).

If the candidate has already received a scholarship, skip this step.

Phase 2

Phase 2

The candidate who wishes to apply for scholarship will be arranged for interviews with school representatives. The school will send the offer for a scholarship letter within 3 working days after the interview.

Candidates who did not apply for scholarship may send the required documents listed in the application form, along with the filled application form to the school to be granted an offer letter of admission.

After the candidate has received the offer letter / scholarship letter, signed and sent back to MGW/IBAS Admissions Department along with the first year tuition fee, accommodation fee and accommodation deposit and other fees mentioned in the offer letter / scholarship letter (scholarship is deducted if the candidate is admitted the scholarship)

Phase 3

Phase 3

After receiving the first payment, the school will send the official receipt of payment and guide the candidate in preparing visa application at the request of the Embassy and the Export Administration Immigration.

The candidate must send a complete scanned copy of the required visa documents to the school for checking and schedule a visa trial interview with a school representative.

If the visa trial interview and the candidate’s visa documents are confirmed by the school to be complete, the school will issue all other relevant documents (admission letter, payment receipt, authorization letter, accommodation confirmation, etc.) that are required for the visa to the candidate.

Phase 4

Phase 4

The candidate or the candidate’s study abroad counseling center schedule an interview for the candidate with the embassy.

After the interview with the embassy, it will take 2 to 3 months for visa results to be received, the waiting time is dependent on the dossier of the Export Administration Immigration in the Canton where Embassy sent the documents to, in which the Candidate intends to study.

When the visa has been approved, the student can enrol the program on the nearest intake. In the case the student fails to obtain a visa, the school will refund the tuition fee and accommodation fee and other fees (except application fee and admission fee) within 4-6 weeks.

Document required

Documents required to be prepared:

Documents for School application:

  • Copy of Passport ID page
  • Secondary diploma and transcript (for candidate who apply for Certificate/Foundation program)
  • High school diploma and transcript (for candidate who apply for Diploma/Bachelor program)
  • Official transcripts and degrees of all programmes you have received academic credit for (for candidates who apply for Master/Doctor program).
  • IELTS or equivalent English Proficiency certificate depending on visa regulations on specific countries (please see programme entry requirements).


Documents generally needed for visa application:

  • 3 National visa applications, visa form “D”
  • 3 Photographs no more than 6-months old, 35x45mm, white background, Your face, from the top of the head to the bottom of the chin, should measure between 29 to 35mm, in sharp focus and clear.
  • Passport with a minimum validity of 12 months and issued in the past 10 years, original and 2 photocopies
  • Proof of sufficient financial: Means original bank statement or savings book in the Candidate’s own name (a minimum of CHF 21,000 as required for most visa needing countries) in an international bank which is more recognized/trustworthy for Switzerland visa application purpose *on a case to case basis IBAS will allow students to prove the finance at the visa application stage instead of initial school application stage.
  • Candidate’s latest highest educational certificates
  • Acceptance / confirmation / registration letter from the school in Switzerland (IBAS)
  • Confirmation of payment of school tuition fees
  • Curriculum vitae / résumé
  • Motivation letter explaining why the Candidate would like to pursue his/her studies in Switzerland or Liechtenstein
  • Letter to confirm that the Candidate will leave Switzerland or Liechtenstein after he/she completes the chosen course study

Note: All documents must be translated into English and notarized. All documents required to be translated into German and notarized when required by the Swiss Immigration.

Note: Documents above is a general example. Please check at the local embassy website for local regulations. BUT please notice that each embassy has their own rules while the canton of Zurich has their own requirements. The canton is the decision power not the embassy. In case of conflict, contact IBAS and we will discuss with the respective embassy.

Documents to be prepared after visa approval for your arrival in Switzerland:

  • Application for residence permit has to be applied before 2 weeks after arrival (fee depends on specific part of the canton)
  • Medical insurance (approved by Switzerland) is mandatory. And has to be proven to the canton within 2 weeks of staying in Switzerland. IBAS will not be responsible for students lack of insurance if the student not buy the package from the school
  • Photo for residence permit application
  • E-photo for student ID card