Program brief:

You would like to have an excellent academic career as a lecturer, researcher, trainer or administrator in a respectable education organization, but you lack the required qualification.
You would like to pursue a European Doctorate Degree but you are unable to leave your current commitments for 3-5 years to do that.

You are working in the education sector and you are looking for career advancement and better salary but do not possess the required qualification and the experience.

OUR Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program

is designed to give you the tools, knowledge, and flexibility to grow without interrupting your current plans.

In this program you will experience a new level of education. We will utilize our Swiss managerial skills and experiences to prepare and teach you. Our lecturers are international experts who graduated from European and American universities and each one of them has the relevant experience and knowledge in their respective field.

The Flexi-DBA program is aimed at producing graduates who are confident and able to understand, comprehend and carry out relevant research related to problems faced by business organizations; they are motivated, independent, knowledgeable and with attitude that will place them among the top in the international business marketplace.

Last but not least, this program provides you with real flexibility during your study period.

The Real Flexibility:

We teach 6 modules throughout the program. Each module takes 8 weeks to finish. Once we have finished teaching all the modules we will start over again. This teaching plan gives students the chance to study at their own convenience- meaning students can skip a month or more due to personal or other reasons and they can join the missed module when we teach it again after 8 months.

Students can choose to join one module at a time and may not necessarily complete the entire program at one go. For example they may just want to do a few modules each summer and finish the entire program in 2 or 3 years. It is entirely up to the individual student.

IBAS gives the students the flexibility that no other institution will allow.

What makes this MBA different?

  1. Switzerland is home to one of Europe’s most renowned higher education systems.
  2. Lecturers with excellent qualifications and experience in the respective field.
  3. Improve students’ research methodology and skills.
  4. Improve students’ analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  5. Train students to conduct their own research papers.
  6. Combine theoretical learning with practical experience.

Program Structure:

The program includes 6 modules and a research. Students will study selected modules specialized in business administration. They will then move to Research and Dissertation phase. Students will have DBA in Business Administration once they finish the following requirements:

Managerial Economics Research Philosophy Research Methodology
This module seeks to expose students to the contents, process and context of carrying out economic-based business scholarly research. This subject seeks to expose students to the philosophy underlying scholarly research in business. It focuses on understanding the basis of which knowledge is understood, theories are developed, data is analyzed and the phenomenon is explained. This subject seeks to expose students to research methods in business. It focuses on understanding the philosophy, processes, designs and various research methods such as the experimental, surveys and correlational studies.
Advanced Statistics Multivariate Analysis Research & Dissertation
This module aims to enhance students’ understanding of the advanced statistical tools to analyze data for decision making. Specifically, the focus will be on understanding the basic concepts and assumptions of those tools and their nature, usage and application in real-life situations, particularly Regression. Students will also be exposed to the analysis using statistical packages. This module aims to enhance students’ understanding of the advanced statistical tools for quantitative research. While there are many multivariate techniques of analysing data, only the commonly used ones are discussed. Emphasis is more on an application-oriented approach to multivariate analysis addressing a conceptual understanding of various statistical procedures. The research will go through many phases Identifying and Defining Research Problem and Developing Conceptual Mode, Review of Literature, Preparing a Research Proposal, Research design and planning, Pilot study and refining research design, Data collection and processing, Data analysis, interpretations and writing draft chapters, Writing and completion of dissertation.

Students have 2 options to choose from in this program:

Option 1

(duration of 8 months)

Option 2

(duration of 8 months)

Evaluation & Awarding
– Students undertake 1 trip to Zurich to go through classes for 3 modules.


-They will then have access to synchronized lessons and online materials for these 5 modules. Students must finish teaching module within 2 month.


– After that, students will have online materials and synchronized lessons for the other 3 modules which they have to finish each of them within 2 month.


-Finally they will start their research.

– Students undertake 2 trips to Zurich to go through classes for 5 modules during each trip.


-They will then have access to synchronized lessons and online materials for 3  modules after each trip. Students must finish teaching module within 2 month.


-Finally they will start their research.

-Instructors will give students some assignments during each module to be done by the students.


-Students must prepare a project paper and presentation for each module.

-There are no exams. Only practical real-life projects and assignments.

Switzerland Trips’ Schedule

First Trip Second Trip
Day Activity Day Activity
Monday Organizational Behavior
(8 hours class)
Monday Corporate Communication
(8 hours class)
Tuesday Personal Development for Leadership & Strategic Management (8 hours class) Tuesday International Marketing
(8 hours class)
Wednesday Industry Visit Wednesday Industry Visit
Thursday Research for Strategic Development
(8 hours class)
Thursday International Business Environment
(8 hours class)
Friday Finance for Strategic Management
(8 hours class)
Friday Strategic Planning
(8 hours class)