The objectives of the programs at IBAS are:

Quality Education. Affordable and Accessible for All

At IBAS, our vision is to make education affordable and accessible so you can learn anywhere, any time, and in any learning method that matches your personality.

Our programs bring a quality blended learning experience to all students regardless of their nationality or study phase.

Our coursework is built to ensure that we train students to become the best professionals in the field of Hospitality, Business and Management and to contribute through their knowledge to the world and their own countries.

While we are continuously working with our partners around the world to bring our programs at an affordable fees for our international students, we also work on bringing a luxurious education experience to students who study at our Switzerland main campus


Quality Education. Affordable for All
  • Everyone has the right to a quality degree program at a fair tuition.

  • Learn any where – any time – in any learning method that match your personality.

  • To bring quality blended learning to the adult learners globally

  • To deliver International quality business, management and hospitality education globally

  • To offer International quality business education at an affordable price

  • To develop applied management and business development skills

Become a global educational provider in the fields of Business, Hospitality and Management.


We want to give our students access to a quality education.


Value Set

As a professional international educational institution, we want to offer our employees, customers and business partners a cooperation based on the following:

  • International perspective
  • Willingness to develop their own business in their countries
  • Involvement in blended learning and working methods
  • To see education with an international mind
  • Modern and forward moving
  • Open to full cooperation
  • Trustworthy
  • Long term commitment
  • Accurate
  • High Academic Level
  • Contribute to the world peace process through education of international students

IBAS focuses primarily on adults and young adults.