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Gates Professional Schools

Gates Professional Schools is a wholly owned subsidiary of Global Quality Education Providers, an educational entity with expertise in training curriculum and content development since 2005.

In 2011, Gates Professional Schools was established with the vision of providing affordable quality 21st century education in the Philippines. Its first course offerings focused primarily on accounting and business programs.

In 2013, in a landmark development, Gates introduced the first international blended BBA, MBA and DBA programs in the Philippines.
Between 2019 to 2021, Gates launched a batch of new international program partnerships with St. Francis College New York, California University of Pennsylvania, International Business Academy of Switzerland and Monroe College (New York).

Gardner College

After 20+ years of being synonymous with quality I.T. education in the Philippines under the Informatics College brand name, Gardner College continues to answer the challenge of ASEAN integration and the move towards holistic and universal education through new international partnerships all over the world.

These partnerships are consistent with a name change that reflects the school’s values promoting excellence, innovation and education for ALL (“educationem pro omnibus”).

Also known as The Global School of Innovation, Gardner College pioneered in the Philippines a first-of-its-kind international dual degree program that combines academic competency with practical real-world application. Under the program, qualified Gardner graduates receive a Gardner diploma for their major of choice and an international bachelor’s diploma from the International Business Academy of Switzerland.

We are the PREEMINENT institution of higher learning

We are a Leading Institution in Asia
Founded by Idealistic Academicians and Professionals,
Committed to Education Beyond Boundaries,
the Pursuit of Excellence, and
the Development of the Global Citizen.

G – Gender Sensitivity
A – Arts & Culture Appreciation
T – Technology & Entrepreneurial Competence
E – Environmental Consciousness
S – Social Awareness & Responsiveness

We are the world leader in innovation and champion of universal education.

We are a premier international institution committed to excellence, innovation, the holistic development of the individual and the transformation of our society.

Global → Born in Asia in 1995, now in Europe and across the globe.
Excellent → We strive to be the best in our curriculum, programs, facilities, faculty and staff.
Noble → Meaningful success can only be achieved with integrity and honor.
Innovative → We are the pioneer of 21st century learning and the relentless pursuit of all things great and new.
Universal → We are the champion of education for ALL regardless of social class, gender, age, ethnicity, or physical, artistic and mental ability.
Selfless → We mould our students to be men and women for others tasked to make a difference.

In Collaboration with International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS) …

We offer the Global Pathways Edition programs, our local teachers teach the IBAS curriculum at our local campuses.

Same Program as IBAS – Same Curriculum as IBAS – Taught by Local Teachers – Approved by IBAS

We offer online MBA & DBA programs, our students attend online classes taught by IBAS Faculty with local tutor support at our campuses.