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Egyptian Cultural Center


Egyptian Cultural Center

A leading business education organization in the MENA region with headquarter located in Egypt. ECC has chosen a strong team, fine selected academic board, and built partnerships with academic institutions to make sure that barriers are removed from accessing higher education and participate in developing business in nations.


Our vision is to be middle east leading Training Center, developing transformational ideas and people that shape how we do business.


  • We aim to deliver teaching and learning opportunities of the highest quality.
  • To build a strong future ensuring increased returns to shareholders and enhanced support to associates.
  • To adopt the latest technologies in the field of educational projects.
  • To encourage innovation, professional integrity, up-gradation of knowledge and skills of learners and a safe working environment.

In Collaboration with International Business Academy of Switzerland (IBAS) …

We offer the Global Pathways Edition programs, our local teachers teach the IBAS curriculum at our local campuses.

Same Program as IBAS – Same Curriculum as IBAS – Taught by Local Teachers – Approved by IBAS

Global Pathways Edition – MBA Major Specialisations

We offer the Global Pathways Edition Specialisation majors, complete the Global Pathways Edition – MBA – General Program and then complete 2 extra specialised modules to achieve a specialisation major.

Same MBA – General Program as IBAS – Specialised Major Modules developed by ECC – Taught by Local Teachers – Approved by IBAS

  • Major in Strategic Management – Extra Modules: Corporate Communication Strategies | Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Major in Project Management – Extra Modules: Project Management | Risk Management
  • Major in Healthcare Management – Extra Modules: Managing Quality and Service Delivery | International Healthcare Policy
  • Major in Financial Management – Extra Modules: Corporate Reporting for Strategic Business | Advanced Audit and Compliance

  • Major in Supply Chain Management – Extra Modules: Logistics Management | Supply Chain and Operations Strategy

  • Major in Marketing Management – Extra Modules: Consumer Behaviour | Digital and Social Media Marketing

  • Major in Human Resources Management – Extra Modules: Performance Management | Contemporary HR

  • Major in Quality Management – Extra Modules: Managing Quality Systems | Establish Policies and Procedures