IBAS and MIM believe that the world is becoming not only internationalized but globalized. We are committed to providing our students with an excellent international education experience. We deliver this promise through our global education network, modern curriculums, modern teaching methods and a combination of theoretical classes with practical experience.

Our motto:

“Everyone has the right to a quality tertiary education at affordable fees.”

Swiss & American MBA is one of our innovative programs. Throughout this program, students will study American and Swiss curriculum delivered by expert lecturers. Also, students will have an internship program where they will work with some of our partner companies.

MIM & IBAS offer both general MBA program & specialized MBA program.



Specialized MBA Program

During this 2 year program, students will experience the real international environment.

Students will spend the first year in New York - USA where they are taught by American experts and have the chance to work with American companies.

In the second year, students will move to Zurich - Switzerland where they will be taught by Swiss experts and work with European companies.

By joining this program students will learn the newest trends in their speciality, gain new skills and techniques and work with international companies in a highly-educated atmosphere.


Two years


First year: New York - USA

Second year: Zurich - Switzerland

Mode of study

On-site with MIM

On-Site with IBAS








- International Business Studies Certificate (MIM).      

  - Specialized MBA  (IBAS).


The internship

The internship is an integral part of our MBA program. The internship is a fully-paid position with one of our partner companies. During the internship, students will be working with international companies where they will implement all the knowledge and skills they learned in the classroom.

Internship in New York - USA

Students can learn better when they apply theoretical principles to real life situations. We will provide each student with internship opportunity which will give them the chance to work in an international environment with companies in New York.

The internship program is a fully-paid program. Students can expect monthly salary of $2,000 - $4,000.


the American dream with us







Internship in Switzerland

Embark on an internship journey with European companies where students will learn the good working habits to cultivate a successful career.

In Switzerland, students will have the chance to practice and implement their newly-learned skills by working with some of the most prestigious companies.

The internship program is a fully-paid program. Students can expect monthly salary of CHF2,200 - CHF 2,400.

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