Program Brief:

The Doctor of Business Administration program is aimed at producing students who are confident and able to understand, comprehend and carry out relevant research related to problems faced by business organizations. The graduates are motivated, independent, knowledgeable and with the attitude that can put them ahead in the international business marketplace. They will be experts in their field of research and possess critical thinking in solving business-oriented problems.

The program duration is 3 years. Students will study selected modules specialized in business administration during the first year. They will finish each module within a period of 4 weeks. They will then move to Research and Dissertation phase which can take 1 or 2 years. Once they graduate, students will be awarded Doctor of Business Administration.



36 months




Horgen, Zurich - Switzerland

Entry Requirements

Master or equivalent


IELTS 6 or equivalent

Medium of Teaching


Why this program?

  • Learn business research and other related skills from one of the specialist schools in Switzerland.
  • Lecturers with excellent qualification and experience in the field.
  • Improving students’ research methodology and skills.
  • Scholarships are available.
  • Graduates will be able to conduct their own research papers.

Career Opportunities:

A Doctorate degree in Business Administration sets you apart from the crowd, signifying to employers not only business proficiency but also a commitment towards personal and organizational growth. As a DBA holder you will have a wide range of career opportunities. Here’s just a sampling of jobs you can pursue with Doctor of Business Administration:


  1. Private corporation and nonprofit sectors: Consultant - Management, research, etc. Entrepreneur/Business Owner.
  1. Education: Administration - Academic
  1. Government institutions: Administration, management, etc.

       4. Research & development



Program Structure:

Students will study selected modules specialized in Business Administration as follows:

Total Class hour per program is 180  ECTS.

Each module equals to 6 ECTS

Research project/On the job training is equal to 12 ECTS and 360 learning hours.


First Year

Second & Third Year





Strategic Marketing

Mr. Giorgio Basile

Ms.Natalia Blagoeva

Mr. Prince Henry Ovo Erimodafe

Mr. David  Zandi

Mr. Antonio Camerlengo

Ms. Dagmara Rajska

Research & Dissertation


Mr. Giorgio Basile

Ms.Natalia Blagoeva

Mr. Prince Henry Ovo Erimodafe

Mr. David  Zandi

Mr. Antonio Camerlengo

Ms. Dagmara Rajska

Managerial Economics

International Business

Advanced Accounting and Finance

Organizational Leadership

Strategic Management

Research Philosophy

Research Methodology

Advanced Statistics

Multivariate Analysis

For more information about our modules please read Course Plan

For more information about lecturers please read Faculty

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