Program Brief:

You are starting your own business but you feel that you have encountered many obstacles. No worries - you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs and businessmen face the same challenges:

  • How to set your business plan, financial statements, etc.;
  • How to find investors;
  • How to recruit, train and lead your team.

OUR MBA is developed to give you the tools and methods to do this - in a very practical way.

You & your business will be the main focus. You will learn by practice. Step by step.

You will meet investors and learn how to attract different types of investments and loans. You will set your business plan and take care of all the details.

We will guide you, support you and advise you to see your business transformed from a simple idea into an integrated modern business.



8 months




Horgen, Zurich - Switzerland / Synchronized lessons

Entry Requirements

Bachelor or equivalent


IBAS test

Medium of Teaching


What makes this MBA different?

1- You will learn how to build a business plan, how to manage your business and how to grow it.

2- All the courses are matching the sole target to prepare YOU as a business person and entrepreneur.

3- We will guide you through the significant parts of your business such as finance, strategy, leadership.

Program Structure

This program is designed based on students’ projects and experiences.  Students will finish 8 specialized modules within the period of 8 months. Each one of these modules will take the students to the depth of different managerial areas. The program’s modules are:

Strategic Planning

Focus on how entrepreneurs

can build their own strategic business plan.

Finance for Strategic Managers

Including crowdfunding, investor strategy, loan and investor planning.

Research for Strategic Development

Planning for business as entrepreneur, Investor handling and negotiation.

Organisational Behaviour

Organisational management as founder, entrepreneur and company building.

Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management: How to be a business developer and an entrepreneur. Tools and methods of growth.

Developing Organisational Vision and Strategic Direction

Start your business with the right vision, mission, goals and perspectives.

Then learn how to evaluate options to make the best decision.

Corporate Communication Strategies

How to communicate with investors, staff and customers. To have a clear long term branding and PR strategy.

Managing Continuous Organisational Improvement:

Learn and grow during the program on how to continuously improve each area of your organization.


Switzerland Trip’s Schedule

Program outcomes:

Participants will learn:

- how to attract investors and handle them;

- how to set your business plan;

- how to plan your finances;

- how to manage your time;

- how to achieve sustainable development of your business;

- how to  evaluate and improve your business.




Organizational Behavior

(8 hours class)


Personal Development for Leadership & Strategic Management (8 hours class)


Industry Visit


Research for Strategic Development

(8 hours class)


Finance for Strategic Management

(8 hours class)

Meet Your Lecturers

Mr. Thomas Xavier Corentin Deroux

Nationality: Belgium

Thomas Deroux is a senior level finance leader with twenty years of proven successful experience in  finance management

Ms. Natalia Blagoeva

Nationality: Bulgarian

Natalia has 25+ years of Management, Entrepreneurship and Leadership experience with Start-Ups, Scale-Ups & Corporate Businesses with 5+ years as a Management Consultant.

Name. Henry Ovo Erimodafe

Nationality: Swiss

Henry is chairman of the board of directors of UBS Nigeria Limited. He has about 20 years of experience in the international banking sector in Switzerland.

Ms. Dagmara Rajska

Nationality: French, Polish

 Dagmara Rajska holds an MA in Law from Warsaw and Aix-Marseille University. She’s pursuing her full-time career as a business lawyer in Aix-en-Provence in France.

Mr. Martin Nielsen

Nationality: Denmark

Started his first company at the age of 14. He is  a real entrepreneur.
Worked in IT and sales right after finishing his Master Degree of International Trade from a top European University. Currently the CEO for a group of companies he founded in Asia, Middle East, USA and Europe.

Ms. Hema Dorasisamy

Nationality: Malaysian

Hema Doraisamy is currently the Head of Academics & Quality Control Officer for My Global World. She holds an Executive MBA from Asia e University, Malaysia & is currently pursuing her Doctorate Degree studies with IBSS.

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