>> About the Academy & the Programs

International Business Academy (IBAS) is a proud member of MGW group. The academy specializes in Business administration and it is located in Zurich, Switzerland.

The program is fully accredited by prestigious awarding and accreditation bodies in Europe. Which are:

1- EduQua- the first Swiss quality label.

2- ISO- one of the most respectable quality assurance bodies in the world.

3- athe- the reputable awarding body in business administration from UK.

4-ACBSP - is a leading specialized accreditation body for business education.

4-Swiss Private School Registra

The medium of teaching is English. And the curriculum is British.

Yes, the certificate is recognized and we can help graduates to find jobs after they graduate.

The registration and processing fees is a fee most universities ask for in order to secure students’ commitment to enrol and to cover some administrative cost such as processing of application, evaluation of academic results, post, phone calls, airport pick up, etc.

We have monthly intakes. So students can join their program by the beginning of each calendar month.

>> Internship & Part time jobs

In the canton of Zurich, students are allowed to work for 15 hours per week and up to  44 hours per week (full time) during holidays. Average salary is 20 – 30 Swiss Franc per hour.

Also, students who wish to study hospitality management will have a fully-paid internship. The internship will be 4-5 months per year and with average monthly salary of 2,200 – 2,400 Swiss Franc.

Yes, every student will get internship opportunity.

The average salary is 2200 CHF- 2400 CHF. And the type of job and salary varies depending on the student's qualification, past experiences and language skills.

During Holidays students can  earn higher salary due to the rise in employment opportunities.

The job nature varies between candidates. It depends on their qualification, previous work experience, language skills, etc.

Example: if students can not communicate in English or any other popular language in Zurich, or he/she does not have any work experience, then we will find him/her labour jobs such as working in restaurants or hotels.

>> Visa Process

n case of visa rejection, if the student shares with IBAS all the documents before submitting them to the embassy, then  students will get 100% refund for the tuition / accommodation fees only. Registration and Processing fees are not refundable under any circumstances.  


Yes, students need to show a bank account statement. The statement should be for a minimum period of 3 months. The account should have minimum 25,000 Swiss Franc. Yes a third party can show a bank account statement along with sponsor letter on behalf of the student.

Regarding the visa requirement it is different from one country to another. The best way for you is to contact the Swiss embassy in your country and they will give you a list of all the required documents. Regarding the initial fees please look at question number 5.

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to have dependents with them in Switzerland.

>> Accommodation

Our school has its own accommodation where students can stay after their arrival. The maximum period we allow students to stay in our accommodation is 2 months and they will have to find their own accommodation after that. Our staff in Switzerland will help the student  to find other accommodation and students are also free to look for their own accommodation.

The monthly rental covers your stay in your chosen room for 1 month starting from the day you move in. It also covers electricity, water, internet and heating up to CHF 700 per month for the entire villa.

Any additional cost above CHF 700 will be shared and paid by all the students in the villa.

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