Accommodation comes in the form of a ‘villa’ next to Lake zürich. In the summer it’s possible to swim in the lake, and in the winter there are paths for walking along the lake. There are both restaurants and convenience stores less than a five minute walk away. And for those who like to exercise work out, the fitness centre is no more than ten minutes away.


The house is fully furnished, and most rooms have a view of Lake Zürich. There’s a restaurant just downstairs, and lake Zürich is across the road.


The kitchen is fully equipped, there are pots, pans, general cooking appliances, different kinds of plates, and utensils. There’s also a fridge and a mini freezer. There is a kettle and an electric stove. In the kitchen, there’s also a washing machine and a drier.


The bathrooms are shared and toilet and bath are separated. There are two showers and two toilets for everyone to share. The shower is equipped with a water heater, and there’s also a mirror and a sink.


In the rooms, there’s bed, blankets, pillows, cabinet and a radiator. The house itself is central-heated. They’re either shared rooms or single rooms. There’s wifi in all rooms.


There are two convenience stores within a ten-minute walk; and 15 minutes away, there’s a late-night store selling halal products.


There’s a total of seven rooms, sorted by the colour of the door; yellow, orange, fuchsia, pink, blue, purple and green. The price varies depending on the room, and how many you share the room with.


Room Type & Rates:


Room Type

Available Number of Room

Monthly Rental per Student

Shared room (4 students per room)

3 rooms

CHF 500

Shared room (3 students per room)

2 rooms

CHF 500

Shared room (2 students per room)

2 rooms

CHF 700

Private room

1 room

CHF 900



  • Pay the rental of 6 months in advance plus one month of security deposit.
  • The rental includes utility bills (electricity, water, heating and wifi)
  • The rental includes utility bills up to CHF 700. If the total bill exceeds this amount, students must share and pay the additional amount.
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