General Flexi-MBA

Program Brief:

You have a good job and aspire to go up to the next level but you do not have the required experience and qualification. No worries - you are not alone. There’s a huge number of employees who feel the same way and share the same problem that you have:
- Lack of professional knowledge;
- Lack of qualification;
- Have a good job which you don’t want to lose while pursuing your studies;
- Have a family that you don’t want to leave behind.

Duration:12 - 24 months 
Location:Horgen, Zurich - Switzerland
Entry Requirements:- Horgen, Zurich - Switzerland / Synchronized lessons
- Bachelor or equivalent
- IBAS test
Medium of Teaching:English

OUR MBA is designed to give you the tools and knowledge to grow without interrupting your current plans.

We teach 8 modules throughout the program. Each module takes 4 weeks to finish. Once we have finished teaching all the 8 modules we will start over again. This teaching plan gives students the chance to study at their own convenience- meaning students can skip a month or more due to personal or other reasons and they can join the missed module when we teach it again after 8 months.
Students can choose to join one module at a time and may not necessarily complete the entire program at one go. For example they may just want to do a few modules each summer and finish the program in 2 or 3 years. It is entirely up to the individual student. 

What makes this MBA different?

Participants will learn:

  • How to set their strategic plans and implement them.
  • How to find, hire, train and lead your staffs.
  • How to handle your finance and prepare your department budget.
  • Understand their departmental role within the organization.
  • How to set and implement a marketing strategy in order to increase sales.
  • How to succeed in an international business environment.

Notice: Modules can be conducted in either year one or two depending on the IBAS course plan.

Program Structure:

Flexi-MBA is a business administration focus program. Students will finish 8 specialized modules within the period of 8 months. Each one of these modules will take the students to the depth of different managerial areas. The program’s modules are:

The unit will enable learners to explore the changing international business environment and develop knowledge and understanding of how organisations respond.

Students have 2 options to choose from in this program
  • Students undertake 1 trip to Zurich to go through classes for 4 modules and 1 industrial visit.
  • They will then have access to synchronized lessons and online materials for these 4 modules. Students must finish each module within 1 month.
  • After that students will have online materials and synchronized lessons for the other 4 modules which they have to finish each of them within 1 month.
Switzerland Trips’ Schedule
First Trip
Second Trip
MondayOrganizational Behavior
(8 hours class)
TuesdayPersonal Development for Leadership & Strategic Management (8 hours class)
WednesdayIndustry Visit
ThursdayResearch for Strategic Development
(8 hours class)
Friday Finance for Strategic Management
(8 hours class)
MondayCorporate Communication
(8 hours class)
TuesdayInternational Marketing
(8 hours class)
WednesdayIndustry Visit
ThursdayInternational Business Environment
(8 hours class)
FridayStrategic Planning
(8 hours class)