About the Academy & the Programs

Who provides the program?
Any accreditation for the program?
What is the medium of teaching?
Is the certificate recognized so that I can use it to work worldwide?
What is the processing fees?
When are your intakes?

Internship & Part time jobs

Are students allowed to work during their stay?
Will every student get the internship opportunity?
How much I will get paid from the internship?
What the type of work will I do?


Will I get help to find a suitable accommodation?
What does the monthly rental covers?
What will happen if the utility bills exceeds the maximum limit (CHF 700)?


In case of visa rejection, do I got a refund?

Visa Process

Do we need bank statement for student visa and if yes, what is the amount and duration of time we have to hold in our bank account? What is the guideline? Can third party show his/her bank statement on behalf of the student?
What are the full requirements for applying for a student visa?
Can a dependent join the student to stay in Switzerland?
How long does it take to apply for a student visa in Switzerland?
Is it compulsory to buy insurance when studying in Switzerland? Can students buy the insurance policy from their own country?
Do students need a residence permit if they already have a visa?
Are you allowed to work while you are studying in Switzerland?
Is it a must to pay taxes while you are doing a part-time or full-time job in Switzerland?
Are you allowed to work part-time jobs while you are doing internship?
Does the school support students in finding part-time job or internship?
When students can start working after arriving in Switzerland?
Are there any accommodation assistances for students during their internship?
How much is the salary for part-time job and internship in Switzerland?
What kind of part-time jobs and internships are offered by MGW?