Founder MR. Martin Nielsen 


CEO and President. To guide staff and students to not only learn but learn in a fun and active way.

We always CARE about our learners who come from all over the world.

He started his first company at the age of 14. He worked in IT and sales right after he finished his

Master of International Trade from a top European University. 

He is the founder of a number of companies in Asia, Middle East, USA and Europe.

Andreas Földényi


He is our local director at IBAS - Zurich.

He has Master of Education and Master of Economics. He speaks 5 languages - German, English,  

Italian, Hungarian and French.  He has more than 23 years of experience in strategic management,

project management, consulting, e-learning, training and developing. 

Christine Paoletti

Center Manager

Runs her own Public Relation company in Switzerland. Well experienced in Travel & Tourism,

manages and owns a restaurant & guesthouse - Villa Schonegg.

Reliable and accurate as determined by her star sign (100% virgo). Cristina has more than

15 years of experience in public relations. She has excellent communication and organizational

skills and is very creative and efficient. Speaks German,Swiss German, Italian, Spanish, French and English. 

Guido Kaeppeli

Director of Hospitality, Travel and Tourism

Well experienced in Travel & Tourism, manages and owns a restaurant & guesthouse - Villa Schonegg. Magazine writer.

Dynamic, enterprising and visionary. Guido enjoys networking. With a higher degree in economics, marketing and

social media, he has more than 15 years of experience as Managing Director of Schweizer Touristik/NZZ

Media Group. Speaks Swiss German, English and French.

Adam Bakar

Dean - Academic

He manages the development and implementation of academic programs so that they conform to regulations and

adhere to internationally accepted academic standards. He graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting (Hons) degree

from the National University of Malaysia, received his Masters (in OR & SA) from the University of Aston, UK and

finally his PhD from the Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, UK. He was the Vice Chancellor of

a private university in Malaysia from 2012-2014. He took a sabbatical in 2006-2009 to serve as the Financial

Controller of the Malaysian Savings Bank (Bank Simpanan Nasional, BSN).

Hema doraisamy

Hema doraisamy

Hema Doraisamy is currently the Head of Academics & Quality Control Officer for My Global World.

She holds an Executive MBA from Asia e University, Malaysia & is currently pursuing her Doctorate studies with IBAS.

Joseph Kiang


Professor Dr. Joseph H. A.Kiang PhD EdM, DBA, Ed D, FFA, FIPA, FCPA, FIAAP 

He is the Registrar of the Institute. As the Registrar he is responsible for the collection and storage of all information

related to the Institutional activities and the students' learning activities. His office is the place where students and

others go to to get information. He has been actively involved in business education and training activities for the

past 40 years as an academia and an administrator in various departments of an institution of higher learning.

As an academia he has taught many subjects in the professional accountancy programs. His speciality is Cost

Management Accounting. As an administrator he has established many business schools and training centers and

has served as board director, board advisor, academic advisor and academic head.

Khalil Aleed


He concentrates on students. He has to make sure that he finds the right candidates to join our academy.

Then the most important part is to make sure that all students’ questions, inquiries and needs are met.

He has been working in education industry for over 7 years. Currently he is doing his PHD in business

administration so he is still a student which makes it easier for him to feel for other students, understand

their issues and obstacles, and work with them to overcome them.

Tina Vo

Student Support

Her work in Switzerland is mainly to support our learners. Make sure you all feel welcomed and cared for.

She assists with airport pick-up as well as accommodation and internship positions.

Apart from student support she works in recruitment for our blended USA/Swiss based programs.

She has a Bachelor degree in Hospitality.

Lawrence Rubly

Dean of Business School

Lawrence H. (Larry) Rubly is a career educator and global training program developer with

two Master Degree in Linguistics and an MBA in Marketing and Finance. He has been an industry

practitioner since 1974 and adjunct professor at Oakton Community College since 1983.

He is currently VP/COO of American Tech & Management University and Dean of its Business School.

Julian Tan

Relationship Manager

He is responsible for the Malaysian market.

Plan and implement sales and marketing activities of student recruitment including the following:

Direct recruitment activities such as contacting and following up with leads;

Sourcing and working with agents and professional bodies on student recruitment;

Sourcing and working with institutions of higher learning on collaboration with MGW Group;

Editing English language on promotional materials.


Academic - BBA (Iowa State University) and MBA (Oklahoma City University)

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