International Business Academy of Switzerland, or IBAS, originated in 1999 when our sister school in Denmark was initially established.

During 2000-2010 the Danish school established itself internationally with offices in Denmark, Egypt, and Vietnam. 

IBAS started in 2013, initially established in the canton of Zug. In 2015 it started programs with the primary focus on

MBA in the canton of Valais, together with Language center partners who taught languages while IBAS taught MBA.

In 2016 IBAS initiated the process to apply for our own Eduqua and ISO certification. In 2017 we successfully achieved

both Eduqua and ISO certification. In 2016 IBAS started the first DBA programme, primarily focused on collaboration with

Malaysian partners whereby students study part of the programme in Switzerland and part of it in Malaysia.

In 2018 it is our plan to initiate on campus full-time students at our campus in Zürich which is one of the main cities of Switzerland.

Mr. Martin, the owner of IBAS, has been active in the education industry for many years and has been a company owner for 20 years.

He owns several schools across the world and is well acquainted with the education sector.

At the age of 14 Mr. Martin started his first business venture. The business grew overtime to become the biggest convenience store in the city,

and later expanded into other related business.  By 24 Mr. Martin set-up his first IT and education company.

Over the years it has gone international, now cowering four continents and ten countries.

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